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Our commitment is to support the control of COVID-19 in our society and economy.

We are providing testing and anti-virus sanitising systems.

Circular1 is focused on supporting the return of a more stable future.



COVID-19 Tests – Biosecurity Entry – Surface Swabbing 

Mobile Laboratory


Biosecurity Service for Business

Providing companies with SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Test kits (rapid turn around)

Biosecurity entry systems, anti-virus entry system that reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination

Surface Testing to mitigate transfer in high thoroughfare areas & those working & found infected

Workplace signage & literature

Biosecurity Service

With our COVID-19 Testing Laboratories in London and Manchester we can provide quantities of Test Kits to business, with a return addressed envelope, offering (post dependant) a 24 hour turnaround; results by SMS/Text. We also supply swab surface testing, Biosecurity entry systems, ensuring a rapid drop in cross-contamination. This is all backed-up with co-branded signage, staff room posters, digital content and more. Head to our HEALTH page to obtain further details.

Mobile Testing Laboratories

Circular1 HEALTH is also in the position to offer Mobile Testing Laboratories, we currently have some on site around the UK; this service provides large organisations with a rapid result from 45 minutes to 2 hours using LAMP; this is also backed up by PCR which can take up to 24 hours (dependant on queues / lead times). If you would like to find out about our Mobile service, please click the button below.

Delivering Clean Energy and an associated Ecosystem that creates new business

Circular1 Investments brings the expertise of MANCO and Linka with innovative opportunities to create sustainable and exciting business models and joint ventures. We seek to align the best of renewable energy technology with opportunities in kit-build homes and the Agri/Food and Drink economies to help create great product that is delivering to the UK domestic and export economy.

Who we are working with

The energy focused client sectors we are currently working with fall into a number of categories, this list is not exhaustive, merely an example. We welcome enquiries from all sectors:


  • CLEP – Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership
  • MIT REAP – MIT’s Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program
  • SoSEP – South of Scotland Economic Partnership
  • SRUC – Scotland’s Rural College

Create the fuel for change

Circular1 is striving to deliver more than just brilliant products and services; we are aiming for new ways to do business brilliantly.

The purpose of the Group is to deliver lasting commercial, sustainable and social benefit. We achieve this by adopting a farsighted perspective, being locally engaged and sharing and benefitting from our international experience.

We believe in learning from the past and in acting upon evidence-based research. By adopting a far-sighted perspective, we are able to better respond to the challenges and opportunities that environmental risk and technological disruption represent.

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