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What we do

Award winning Circular1 Health is a revolutionary testing service company, born out of the COVID-19 crisis, which has responded to critical businesses which must remain operational by necessity and nature, such as the nuclear, defence and energy sectors.

These highly regulated sectors have opted for the Circular1 Health approach, due to our commitment to the highest possible levels of accuracy and peace of mind for our clients.

Circular1 Health offers a fully managed service, providing all elements of the science, infrastructure and highly trained staff. We provide reporting and results, and certification to customers, management of data and digital applications to enable a simple and smooth process all the way through.

Your Greatest Defence

The greatest defence to ensuring you stay healthy and keep COVID cases to a minimum is regular testing. Keeping your family and your work colleagues safe, productive, happy and healthy.

At Circular1 both our clients and our workforce test regularly. As cases continue to spread living with COVID becomes everyones responsibility.

Take a proactive approach to you and your family’s health, talk to our team (UK based health advisors) and  put your mind at rest, we’re here to help.


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