Proactive Health Programmes

Keeping your workplace and community healthy and productive

Proactive whole workforce health

Circular 1 Health delivers preventative health programmes to transform health in the workplace, improve productivity and help people live healthier lives.

Award winning Circular1 Health is a revolutionary business that develops disruptive approaches towards the improvement of business and community.​ ​We have developed a health and well-being management service, Me & My Health, to transform health in the workplace.

While we continue to deliver whole workforce health programmes for the critical industries of the UK (energy and defence), we are now opening up our services to public, private and third sector organisations.  This whole workforce alternative to private healthcare ensures every individual has the opportunity to engage in a programme bespoke to your organisation.

Proactive health partnerships

  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism, improved mental and physical health
  • Improved employee engagement, better retention and less recruitment requirement

Leading to a positive impact on local health services, while giving the power of health management unique to each individual.


Me & My Health – powered by Circular 1 is the service and delivery arm of our health business, for individuals engaging with our health advisors.

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