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As business people who grew a global business, Mark Frost and David Nuttall understand the urgency of the short term action that the current global crisis demands.

Circular1 is doing all it can to provide immediate support to critical UK sectors.

Being involved in bringing several technologies together to create Circular1 Health to help clients employing key workers in critical supply chain and critical services has been a privilege.

Testing breeds confidence.

Workers need to be confident.

1. Those self-isolating can safely return to work.

2. Some who may have previously entered hospitals can be asked to be at home with confidence. 

3. Those who test negative can isolate with confidence.

These three actions free up beds, free up key workers and give confidence.

Now though is the time to be thinking about what is required to get the UK safely Back to Business, now mid crisis, near term and running into the future.

New protocols of testing with actions to improve biosecurity and all the time building and assessing data to manage business risk is the new world we all have to create. 

This is the prime focus for Circular1 Health.

If you know of any organisation that would like our help setting up / sponsoring a Lab in their area, let us know below.

Stuart Maclennan (CEO, Circular1) to back up David’s post above, added:

We exist to provide integrated rapid and accurate Testing and Biosecurity solutions for Key Workers and in time wider NHS and B2B Markets.

  • To support Supply Chain staffing and operate rapid, accurate testing and stringent biosecurity control.
  • To support the Care Sector at this critical time, with longer term systems and controls to help manage subsequent outbreaks.
  • To support the Education sector to prepare for students coming back in the Autumn, providing key testing and controls, especially when considering international students.
  • To support the NHS in the longer term with testing and biosecurity at strategic government sites in Health, Energy and Defence.
  • And to support with Mobile Laboratories creating subsequent opportunity to support drug trials in live lab situations and provide rapid deployment for subsequent outbreaks.