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Circular 1 Health testing capacity to test for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 to date has been based on a highly innovative approach working with our diagnostic test suppliers to provide superior testing capability as part of our rapid response service.

We have now added an additional dimension to that capability and service level with the addition of high throughput PCR testing capacity alongside our rapid LAMP technology. The PCR method is sourced from a fully accredited NHS General Hospital testing laboratory with whom our Directors have been collaborating.

The PCR testing technology is now being installed in the Circular1 Health testing laboratories in London and Manchester. This allows us the opportunity to offer a suite of proprietary testing solutions in a custom designed laboratory; from rapid patient-side tests through to the reference PCR method.

We are also currently engaged in seeking a robust antibody testing system from several UK suppliers who are involved in ‘crash’ programmes to bring this blood testing method to market as rapidly as possible. When we are satisfied with the accuracy of these antibody tests we will be adding them to our service; thereby allowing Circular1 Health to offer both a viral genome test for active infection and an antibody test to confirm immune status resulting from past infection.

Our commitment is to support the control of COVID-19 in our society and economy and critically support the ability to test, control, understand and help bring some social and economic stability back. This is based on the clear correlation between more testing, more knowledge, more understanding and by result, more control.

We are committed to supporting for today, tomorrow and a stable social and economic future, where such pandemics can be managed and never allowed to bring the world to its knees again.

Stuart Maclennan (CEO, Circular1) to back up the post above, added:

We exist to provide integrated rapid and accurate Testing and Biosecurity solutions for Key Workers and in time wider NHS and B2B Markets.

  • To support Supply Chain staffing and operate rapid, accurate testing and stringent biosecurity control.
  • To support the Care Sector at this critical time, with longer term systems and controls to help manage subsequent outbreaks.
  • To support the Education sector to prepare for students coming back in the Autumn, providing key testing and controls, especially when considering international students.
  • To support the NHS in the longer term with testing and biosecurity at strategic government sites in Health, Energy and Defence.
  • And to support with Mobile Laboratories creating subsequent opportunity to support drug trials in live lab situations and provide rapid deployment for subsequent outbreaks.