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We learn this morning that Public Health England (PHE)’s and Government’s dash for COVID-19 Testing quantity has compromised the quality of those tests.

The Telegraph said:

“Coronavirus tests given to thousands of NHS staff so they could return to work have been found to be flawed and should no longer be relied on, a leaked document reveals. The memo from Public Health England (PHE), sent earlier this month, warns of “degraded” performance, meaning the results are less reliable than first thought.”

It continues – “All Public Health England’s 12 centres have been told to stop using the existing tests by Thursday, instead using checks supplied by commercial firms. NHS laboratories still using the method have been told any uncertain results must be double-checked until all have switched to only using such kits.”

The article can be read here: TELEGRAPH 

Scientific Advisor (and Non-executive Director) to Circular1 Health, Dr. Chris Stanley responded by saying:

“In my view, unless two different testing methods are employed to cross check, the results can become a lottery. The Circular1 LAMP test is a super-fast, super-sensitive “front end” screen to catch all the infections (ensuring 100% sensitivity) and, because it has a very high ‘gain’, it will also generate a few false positives; then the reference gold standard PCR is employed to sift through these to identify the true positives (ensuring 100% specificity). That’s the Circular1 Health approach and, in my opinion the best way to ensure overall test accuracy.”


Circular1 Health exist to provide integrated rapid and accurate COVID-19 Testing and Biosecurity solutions for Key Workers and in time wider NHS and B2B Markets.

  • To support Supply Chain staffing and operate rapid, accurate testing and stringent biosecurity control.
  • To support the Care Sector at this critical time, with longer term systems and controls to help manage subsequent outbreaks.
  • To support the Education sector to prepare for students coming back in the Autumn, providing key testing and controls, especially when considering international students.
  • To support the NHS in the longer term with testing and biosecurity at strategic government sites in Health, Energy and Defence.
  • And to support with Mobile Laboratories creating subsequent opportunity to support drug trials in live lab situations and provide rapid deployment for subsequent outbreaks.