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Working in partnership with Sellafield Ltd (owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority), Circular 1 Health set-up a mobile SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic testing laboratory to facilitate the symptomatic testing for the on-site workforce.

Operating from late May 2020 and working with the inhouse Sellafield Track & Trace team, Circular 1 Health provided both essential workers and the slow return of project teams to get the site back to a fully operational standard.

The testing facility has now expanded to support the wider community by offering testing to the friends and family of Sellafield employees. This is ensuring the accurate testing and reporting is successfully contained and managed around the complex.

The diagnostic testing undertaken at our Sellafield site is led by RT-LAMP with a percentage quality controlled, and with indeterminate and positive results checked by PCR. This has ensured that our testing process has provided a specificity of 99.995% and a sensitivity of 100% for SARS/CoV2 (COVID-19).

This sites’ symptomatic testing process follows a strict protocol of “by-appointment”; individual test subjects turn up to the testing site in their car in a traffic managed area outside of the main security perimeter of Sellafield.

Guided by staff through canvas tunnels they are handed kits with explicit instructions for use. On depositing their test they can typically know their result from 90 minutes (if negative). Allowing the tested individual to either return to work (negative), or immediately self-isolate (positive) and Circular 1 Health inform Public Health England through our official channels.