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The Prime Minister’s announcement this week of a roadmap has been welcomed by many of us in the business community. There is now a clear direction of travel towards a sustainable economic recovery.

Larry Fink captured the mood in his recent letter to CEOs when he said that the pandemic is ‘…a stark reminder of our fragility…’ and that the biggest crises ‘…demand an ambitious response.’*

Certainly our response remains ambitious. The fully managed, end-to-end service that we have delivered – and continued to deliver – to support the mission-critical nuclear and defence sectors is a source of deserved pride within the team, helping to protect not only our clients’ people, but also their reputations. The speed and flexibility with which we responded has also been noteworthy and proves that no challenge – however huge – cannot be overcome without the ambition and determination inherent within the Circular1 team.

Mass testing beyond mission-critical businesses

I was particularly interested to hear the Prime Minister mention the continued importance of mass testing as a tool to kickstart the economy. We have been strong advocates from the beginning that mass testing has a much wider role beyond critical businesses and those in the most highly-regulated sectors.

With our ‘Test to Operate’ (T2O) model – an active combination of rapid testing and screening – we have been a leading voice in the role of mass testing to support the recovery of the leisure sector, for example, to create safe bubbles of passengers and staff to re-invigorate the Cruise sector, or re-open residential holiday and activity centres. Mass testing is a key catalyst to supporting economic restart.

Given the UK tourism industry is estimated to be valued at £106 billion and support some 3.8 million jobs, the economic and financial imperative is clear for all to see.

Different sectors require bespoke testing solutions

From Lateral Flow all the way through LAMP, PCR to Sequencing, we need the whole toolkit to support our economy and Circular 1 Health is committed to playing its role with the technology, team and science, working collaboratively in doing so.

We must all play our part.

* BBC Larry Fink letter to CEO’s