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The International Women’s Day 2021 theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and sharing a story from one of our team who has been through a few challenges shed’s some light on the amazing people we have in this business.

“I studied medicine in the US with the ambition of being a family medicine practitioner (GP) who uses medicine as an aid to healthy living, not as an end-all-be-all.

I am passionate about medicine and science not only healing one’s ailments but healing our minds and bodies so that we are living as best as we possibly can.

I recently moved to the UK, and whilst I got acclimatized to the culture change, the world was locked down with the current pandemic. During the early days of the pandemic, I volunteered to work in the COVID recovery wards in the hospital, but it wasn’t where my true passion lay.

In day-to-day medicine, you are bogged down with being listened to, being appreciated, and making your voice heard.

I discovered Circular1 Health as a temporary job until we phased out of lockdown, and it has grown into something more than I could have imagined.

Circular1 Health is not only a testing service; they are a holistic service that is interested in the person, their well-being, and their outcome. This is the basis that grabbed me. It’s a service that not only delivers data but also gives us the opportunity to push boundaries and expand upon the current science.

It’s important for women in science to not only feel supported, but heard and appreciated; I’ve never felt more at ease than here. I’m excited about the prospects here because I can see opportunities for growth, for the ability to work in an area that I am passionate about, and bring well-being and health to communities that need it.

It’s important for women to not be intimidated by science. It is a rapidly moving field, and it does feel dominant at some points – but there are so many opportunities available, and the intimidation soon dies down.

Madhavi Gajjar PhD (and image above)