Employee Profile Piece: Chloe Horrigue

Chloe Horrigue, Account Director at Circular1 Health has managed to bridge the gap between the oldest professions in the world, finance and healthcare.

French born Chloe started her working career with the Crédit Lyonnais (LCL) joining as part of an apprenticeship scheme as a bank receptionist at the age of 17. From the beginning, Chloe began to absorb information and experience.

Q:         What do you do at Circular1 Health?

A:         My initial role was operational, ensuring all three of the laboratories that were operating at the time, were running smoothly. Then, after proving myself I progressed to my current role as Account Director, Health and Travel.

Q:         What do you love about your job?

A:         My favourite part of my job is interacting with our clients. My experience in the strict and regimented world of banking really helps me in developing processes for Circular1 Health. I’ve been working since I was 17 and I take pride in my job and like to know everything about the business so I can help everyone whenever they need it.

Q:         What drove you to work for the business?

A:         I had a friend call me and say ‘hey, do you want to work in Manchester, I’m working in a COVID-19 lab, and they need someone with experience who can help manage the admin team’.  Circular1 Health was just beginning to form as a business and I decided to take the role as the business needed help to formalise processes and manage the ever-growing list of clients.


Q:         What was your experience at the bank that has helped Circular1 Health?

A:         I studied banking as part of my apprenticeship and it included customer relations and working full time in a real branch exposes you to everyday customer issues. It was this which sparked my love for customer relations. I realised that solving problems and helping people is really what makes me tick.  I became a branch manager eight years after finishing my studies. Two years later however I decided it was time for a new challenge.

Q:         So you went off travelling?

A:         I had been working at the same company for a decade, I hadn’t travelled or been to university with friends. I felt like I needed some more life experience and the opportunity to see new things.  I set off on an around the world trip. My first stop was the Mediterranean island of Malta. Without being able to speak a word of English, I chose Malta as the place to learn the language and took up a job in a small shop.

Malta is such a wonderful place; it is always sunny, and the culture is amazing. Working in a small shop really was the best opportunity for me to learn English, it was the language everyone else used, so I had to learn in order to work.

Q:         Where did that take you?

A:         After my English improved I made the decision to up-sticks and move to the other side of the world: Australia. Once in Australia, I put my customer relations and newfound English skills to work in the hospitality business working in four different cities: Perth, Karratha, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Q:         When did you decide the UK was going to be the place to develop your career?

A:         My first trip to the UK was for two years, I decided to dip my toe back in to the corporate world and found myself working for travel site Booking.com on its car rental business, mainly focusing on the French and English markets.

After that I decided my next adventure would be in South America, backpacking around Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

The trip was eye-opening as well as really tiring. It was four months with a backpack and a few T-shirts but it gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and communicate in so many different ways which has definitely helped my career.

A:         How do you know Circular 1 Health is the right place for you?

Q:         When the pandemic struck I was planning to travel from New Zealand to Japan and Asia, so I returned home to France. But an unexpected opportunity arose from a call with a friend I met in New Zealand which ultimately set me on the right path.

Circular 1 Health is the right place for me, I enjoy myself every day but more than that there are so many opportunities. The priority today is COVID-19 but we are also using our skills and our business to help people in different areas such as health or mental well-being so I know we are doing good and making a difference.