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Employee Profile Piece: Matt Parry

Q. What do you do at Circular1 Health?

A. I work with the commercial team in business development, sourcing new clients for Circular 1, alongside managing our sponsorship of two organisations: The Hallé orchestra in Manchester and the Philharmonia orchestra in London.

Q. What do you love about your job?

A. It’s exciting: finding potential clients and pitching our services, which combines maintaining a good understanding of our ever-evolving services, working with our marketing team on how to sell this and engaging with new people from all sorts of companies. I’m constantly impressed by the service and dedication of our staff at Circular 1 so it’s a privilege to be able to trumpet this to potential clients.

The sponsorships also mean a lot to me personally: we’ve helped the return of live music-making (including for children and young adults through the Halle Youth Summer School) which is the industry I usually inhabit and one that has been incredibly hard hit by the pandemic.

We’ve supported events that have genuinely brought a lot of happiness to people during this traumatic time.


Matt Parry, Circular1 Health

Q. What drove you to work for the business?

A. I normally make a living as a trombone player in musical theatre but all my work in 2020 vanished.

I started working for Circular 1 in September last year having met some of the team during a brief contract at another lab. Knowing and trusting these people, I thought it could be a good company to work for and since then I’ve not looked back.

It’s been a fascinating experience in an industry I never imagined I would work in and being part of a start-up team with a real ‘can-do’ attitude is fun.

Q. What are your responsibilities at Circular1 Health?

A. Boasting about how brilliant we all are… in all seriousness it is basically this! I spend the majority of my time finding ways to reach new clients and then pitch our fantastic services to them.

I also manage the testing programmes for two busy orchestras who are hugely, hugely grateful for our support. In return they’re introducing us to a bunch of clients (their other sponsors) and providing us with some nice marketing content. It’s a really rewarding relationship to manage.

Matt Parry in Hairspray

Personal questions

Q. Do you have a dream for the business, what would you like to see happen?

A. I think the pivot to testing for other diseases is really interesting. We can expand on the impact we are already making to people’s lives through early-stage diagnoses of some very serious illnesses, which can be of huge benefit to both the individual and society at large. That’s a fantastic motivator for being a part of this business.

I also think international expansion would be exciting.

I’ve travelled a lot with my musical work and always loved it, so any further opportunity for that would be great. Speaking of which, I’m joining the tour of Hairspray the Musical at the end of this month, combining my Circular 1 day-job with moonlighting on a theatre show each night! I must speak to the social committee about a ticket deal for all the hard-working C1 staff…

Feedback from Sir Mark Elder CBE, Music Director, The Hallé

Following the conversation, hear The Hallé orchestra play Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations: Nimrod.