Circular1 Health has initiated the development of a ‘Healthier Environment’ roadmap in a move to lead the way towards a more environmentally conscious health sector. The programme is aimed at dramatically cutting plastic usage and medical waste, as well as enabling the reuse of materials. Redesigning processes will also play a key role in minimising environmental impacts and supporting smarter, better, more sustainable business activities and behaviours.

The business is already providing electric car charging points at fixed sites, and has recently taken steps to reimagine and redesign its processes as part of a portfolio of changes towards reaching its green goals. Circular1 Health is now taking a fresh look at the whole business footprint, and identifying actions throughout the business including reprocess, reuse and repurpose within the ‘Healthier Environment’ roadmap. The company is seeking to lead the way towards a more aware and conscious approach to protecting the environment.

Sustainability and supporting the environment stand at the heart of the Circular1 Health philosophy – which has at its core the circular economy: Circular1, as a group, seeks to consciously unite health, skills, lifestyle, environment, nutrition, food production and energy.

Circular1 Health Environment Roadmap Targets

Reduce Energy Consumption & Waste

  • Smart lighting systems
  • Reuse-Recycle-Reprocess
  • Innovative process design to reduce reliance on single use plastics

Build Renewable Energy Use & Production

  • Solar to power labs
  • Lab product waste-to-energy
  • Sustainable carbon off-set programme

Optimise Employee Transportation

  • Carpool and bike-to-work scheme
  • Employee public transport discounts
  • Alternative fuel options for transport

Education and motivation

  • “Sustainability” syllabus for Circular1 Academy
  • Driving continual behaviour awareness
  • Annual Combat Climate Change campaign and competition


  • Automating processes
  • Continual review of science, process and delivery
  • Work with Innovation bodies and partners to optimise approach

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