Thank you to @PublicPolicyExchange for hosting an important webinar on 16th May to discuss mental health in the workplace and how we can improve employee wellbeing and prevent burnout.

It was a privilege representing Circular 1 Health and to contribute to the wide-ranging discussions, with a focus on how our experiences of the pandemic can inform policies on mental health.

In summary:

*Covid 19 has empowered individuals to take ownership of their own physical health through at-home testing and the option to work from home. The workforce must also be empowered to achieve autonomy over their mental health and thereby overcome the stigma which prevents employees accessing the care they need.

**The pandemic has created a culture which acknowledges the value in proactive healthcare. Screening programmes produce a vast amount of data which can then be used to manage risk, develop learning, and engineer change.

***Above all, we must recognise what society and industry got right during the pandemic. The last two years have seen incredible innovation, unprecedented collaboration between the public, private and third sectors, and the rapid digitalisation of healthcare. We must celebrate these advancements and embed them within policy moving forward.

Thanks must also extend to my fellow speakers @FrancoiseWoolley @NickPahl, @FionaScullion, @SallyBakerTherapist,

Stuart MacLennan

Exec Chair and CEO