The CEO of Phoenix Group, Andy Briggs, hit the nail on the head on BBC Radio 4, when he shared the major trends witnessed during the pandemic: employee wellbeing and showing flexibility. His precise words were simple but on point: “those who embrace those aspects will be winners in the war for talent in this challenging job market”.

We couldn’t agree more. Our clients continue to tell us how valuable our screening programme has been in helping their people feel protected and valued. We continue to help companies provide their workforce with resilience, reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and promoting better health. The outcome for employers: higher productivity and a loyal, healthier workforce. Our COVID-19 screening programme has paved the way to a new Proactive Health Programme, taking workplace health to the next level.

The employee package is more important today than ever before; we’re all facing our own personal challenges with inflation, a challenging job market, increase in the cost of living… We could start seeing newly retired individuals needing to move back into the workforce, as stated by Andy Briggs.

  • How can you take care of your employees?
  • What is your proactive approach on employee retention?
  • What do your employees want from you and what security do you need to convince them to stay?’

Alix Smith – Circular 1 Health – Business Development Manager

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