Following Circular1 Health’s recent success at the BECBC Business Awards

Circular1 Health won the Best Business Start Up with a prize of £1000 generously donated by Solomon’s Europe, they decided to pay the prize forward.  Working in collaboration with The Entrepreneurs Group, the prize has been gifted to 2 young Cumbrian start-up companies which are Kultuur and Love at First Bite By Amber.

At a presentation in Papcastle Cockermouth today, Stuart MacLennan, Circular1 Health CEO handed over the cheque to both companies and wished them well in their new ventures.

Stuart said “We have been very fortunate over the last couple of years, and being awarded the Business Startup award at the BECBC was a massive honour and we are delighted to be able to help these two young businesses on their journey.  Starting and developing a business in the current climate is a huge challenge and we wish them both every success and hope our small contribution will help.”

Circular1 Health continues to support critical industries and businesses in the screening of personnel and is focused on improving health and social outcomes across the region.

Circular1’s Proactive Health and Wellbeing Programme, which aims to protect the local workforce and community through diagnostic testing, and proactive health is set to launch at the end of the month.

Top image above from left to right – Miranda Kirschel, Business Strategy Director of Circular1 Health, Alec Smith – Co-Founder and Director of Kultuur, Lewis Newton – Co-Founder and Director of Kultuur, John Grainger – Executive Director of BECBC,  Jenny Brumby – Project Manager of TEG Retail, Stuart MacLennan – CEO of Circular1 Health, Amber Shankland – Founder and owner of Love at First Bite By Amber, Dominic Doig – Managing Director of Solomon’s Europe.