About Circular1

We are passionate about empowering individuals to improve their health and wellbeing.
Delivering through partnership with businesses, families and communities.
We started off as a revolutionary testing service company, born out of the COVID-19 crisis, which has responded to critical businesses which had to remain operational by necessity and nature. Circular 1 Health is now leading the charge on whole workforce proactive health care.

Our Mission

We exist to make a difference to empower and give ownership to personal health. Supporting the workforce and their communities to be healthy, happy and productive.
To create jobs, to support the communities we work in, to play our part in proactive health post COVID.

Circular 1 is creating growth through the Circular1 Academy with skills and job creation, to continue supporting the critical industries of the world, support the NHS with diagnostic services, with clinical services with mental health services and with broader social care services.

All helping in a partnership way, by taking the burden off the NHS. Making care available to people who need it now, at an affordable price point.

Our Charter

  • Support our clients, customers and one another, as well as we would our own family.
  • Share our passion, be innovative, be accountable, be fearless, not reckless.
  • Get sustainable, show our integrity, continue to be ambitious.
  • Be number 1 for proactive health and have fun on the journey.

Through our approach to quality Circular1 Health achieved the grant of accreditation from UKAS for ISO 15189:2012 31st August 2021. This recognition was the start of our work in the field of proactive health.

As an HM Government certified +plus Cyber Essentials business we can give our clients and customers the confidence that we are managing our data and networks responsibly.

All Circular1 Health products are CE Marked and we all always do our best to ensure that the packaging and paper that we buy is sourced from responsible and sustainable sources. Our supply chain is interrogated prior to investment to ensure we are doing our utmost to leave as little impact as possible.

Beyond supporting whole workforce proactive health programmes, this film provides an indication of our work in the community.

Dr Mahd’s introduces Me & My Health, the organisation created out of Circular 1 to deliver our Point of Care services.

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