About Circular1


Circular1 Health is a revolutionary testing service company, born out of the COVID-19 crisis, which has responded to critical businesses which must remain operational by necessity and nature, such as the nuclear, defence and energy sectors.  These highly regulated sectors have opted for the Circular1 Health approach, due to our commitment to the highest possible levels of accuracy and peace of mind for our clients. Our client base is continuously expanding to include the travel, transport and infrastructure, and personal health and welfare environments, among many others.

Circular1 Health offers a fully managed service, providing all elements of the science, infrastructure and highly trained staff. We provide reporting and results, and certification to customers, management of data and digital applications to enable a simple and smooth process all the way through.

Circular1 Health takes a lab-based, ‘in-series’ approach to testing, where the service is customised, responsive and proportionate to risk and prevalence.

Our Values

People First

Safety and Quality




Our values speak to the elements that bind and focus our activity. Entrusted with the delivery of potentially life changing information our values are human and people first. Safety and quality, highlight the importance of the data we manage, the trust we are given, the work we undertake and the environment in which it is carried out. Responsive is the nature in which we work and rapidly deploy our services and solutions. And importantly sustainable, the word and its meaning the entire business aspires to circle around.


Circular1 Health is delivering solutions that protect people’s physical health. Our portfolio of testing and screening services, provide individuals and employers with critical information that assist their decision-making about the best solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic is also massively impacting people’s mental health. Circular1 Health is committed to promoting and supporting positive physical and mental health, directly and through our partnerships with other organisations. We are dedicated to helping society recover and gain resilience.


Circular1 Health is committed to combatting COVID and protecting human health whilst also protecting the environment. Circular1 Health is continuously seeking ways of limiting its environmental impact through sustainable operations, including recycling of medical waste products and the use of renewable power. Current innovations include minimising plastics and clinical waste. The company is constantly researching and seeking ways of reducing any environmental impact of its activity, in parallel with the research and innovation it puts into medical and health-focused solutions.


Rapid response and urgent innovation are vital to defeating a never-before experienced pandemic and global crisis, and the longer term consequences of it. Circular1 Health has been born out of the COVID-19 crisis, with experts in their field rapidly responding to the need for solutions that enable continued operations, while keeping workforces safe and healthy. Its constant focus on innovation and innovative solutions resulted in the unique ‘in-series’ algorithms and our broad portfolio of services.

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