About Circular1

People, Planet and Business SUSTAINABILITY

Circular 1 consists of two companies, Circular 1 Health and Circular 1 Investments (Energy & Ecosystem), our team consists of business experts, scientists and engineers working with partners and collaborators to deliver outstanding products and services. At our core Circular 1 is focused on sustainability from both a business continuity and ecological point of view.

Our culture is built on adopting a circular practice, every project we undertake looks to have a beneficial knock-on effect to both people and planet. We believe business done well is challenging, fun, transformative, supports communities their economy and actively creates opportunities in new fields of work.

An interview (3 minutes) with Circular 1 Executive Chairman, Stuart MacLennan, his explanation into the guiding principles for creating the business and a brief insight into his experience.

The interview took place in May 2020 at Warwick Mill Business Village in Carlisle. With thanks to Mary Ballard (interviewer) and Alex Carruthers (camera operator).

Our Values

People First

Safety and Quality





Our values speak to the elements that bind and focus our activity. Entrusted with the delivery of potentially life changing information our values are human, people first with empathy. Safety and quality and protected, highlight the importance of the data we manage, the work we undertake and the environment in which it is carried out. Responsive is the nature in which we work and rapidly deploy our services and solutions. And importantly sustainable, the word and its meaning the entire business aspires to circle around.

Circular1 strives to deliver more than just brilliant products and services; we are aiming for new ways to do business brilliantly.

The purpose of both companies is to deliver lasting commercial, sustainable and social benefit. We achieve this by adopting a farsighted perspective, being locally engaged and sharing and benefitting from our international experience.

We believe in learning from the past and in acting upon evidence-based research. By adopting a far-sighted perspective, we are able to better respond to the challenges and opportunities that environmental risk and technological disruption represent.

Built on three core principles:




The focus for Circular 1 Health is providing business resilience and business continuity. We know by creating peace of mind in boardrooms, we will create happy teams and a safe working environment to fulfill your desire to keep the business growing.

Our biosecurity services include touch-free Steriloc (made in the UK) door entry systems that can not be entered without first sanitising hands. They can be found in Kingscross Station, London to the playgrounds of Melbourne, Australia. Already proven to reduce absenteeism in the workplace are now in even more demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recent adoption also finds these units at Dental and GP Practices to College campuses and business parks.

We currently operate four fixed testing laboratories (x2 Manchester, Barrow-in Furness and Guildford) with a growing number of mobile testing laboratories. These units enable both large business to place a lab on site to enable rapid throughput (results in hours) and a postal / courier service for our 24 hour turnaround service.

Our work in data is constantly evolving. Beyond the development of our own proprietary software for our client testing and lab management we are looking at various solutions for modelling and full integration with patient records held by NHS / GPs.

Our Energy & Ecosystem business (Circular1 Investments) looks to adopt and learn from mother nature.

Our clean energy units provide business opportunities, creating an ecosystem that delivers new business streams, new jobs, while building and strengthening local communities. This circular approach is suited to work both in small and disparate habitats to metropolitan areas both locally and internationally.

Termed investments due to the healthy returns for alternative investments in this field.

We are working with both private and public bodies to enable the rapid deployment of our units to new build multi-use developers and to existing sites to compliment renewable or provide stable off-grid energy.

The goal of Circular1 Energy & Ecosystem is to keep the value in the local economy, ensure that we enable and or provide sustainable land management while linking energy with new and sustainable economies.

In brief Circular1 Investments brings the expertise of MANCO and Linka with innovative opportunities to create sustainable and exciting business models and joint ventures.

We seek to align the best of renewable energy technology with opportunities in sustainable economies to help create great product that is delivering to the UK domestic and export economy.