The Circular1 Academy is committed to developing talent and building a stronger skills base for the health and diagnostics sector. We have developed our academy to align with the government apprenticeship provider model, to train our people as they work, but also to offer training to wider communities.

Circular1 Health is a service organisation, serving our customers and our society in order to deliver lasting commercial, sustainable and social benefit.  The world around us is changing fast and we aspire to provide creative and innovative solutions responding to the challenges and opportunities that environmental risk and technological disruption represent.

Our Academy is currently delivered at our flagship Barrow laboratory, where we work in partnership with our customers to design services that respond to business and industry needs. Classroom and in-lab training is offered to our own teams, to assist skills development and career-path progression, as well as to our local communities to build new sustainable industry.

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In your role as a paid Academy attendee you will be constantly interacting with internal colleagues and departments working towards a common goal to delight our external clients and regulatory bodies.

Our aim is for all Circular1 Health services, internal or external, to be seamless and brilliantly received.

Our Service Excellence Programme is a continuous experiential curriculum that will help you create the best experience and one you will be proud of!

People Director, Claire Wise and Clinical Programme Manager, Madhavi Gajjar introduce the Circular1 Academy. They provide an insight into the 8-week programme, what to expect from the mixed modules (both classroom and hands-on lab work).

As our services develop so will the programmes within the Academy.

While this introduction looks specifically at our Academy in Barrow-in-Furness, further branches will open in Manchester and further afield in the coming months.

Your Circular1 Academy Key People

Claire Wise, People Director

Claire recently joined the business to create and implement a people strategy, the mission is to enable our people to ‘grow, adapt and deliver for our customers’, she is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to opportunities to enhance their skills and be the best version of themselves possible for not only Circular1 but also for themselves and their families. Claire has over 15 years as an HR generalist, coach and facilitator.

Dr. Madhavi Gajjar, Clinical Programme Manager

Madhavi trained as a Medical Doctor in the US and has a passion for science, teaching and wellbeing. She leads the training at the Circular1 Academy and across the Circular1 Health business and will be your point of contact in your training and development. She is passionate about education being available to everyone and has set up teaching programs in India and the US. Madhavi’s favourite foods are peanut butter and Chicago Mix Popcorn!

Radka Newton, People Strategy Consultant

Radka is a senior teaching fellow in Lancaster University Management School. Her expertise is in learning and development design. She has worked with Sellafield on research projects related to workforce transformation and is passionate about continuous improvement. She contributes to C1H Academy programme design and development focusing on staff learning experience.


Circular1 Health is delivering solutions that protect people’s physical health. Our portfolio of testing and screening services, provide individuals and employers with critical information that assist their decision-making about the best solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has also massively impacted people’s mental health. Circular1 Health is committed to promoting and supporting positive physical and mental health, directly and through our partnerships with other organisations. We are dedicated to helping society recover and gain resilience.


Circular1 Health is committed to improving well-being beyond COVID and protecting human health whilst also protecting the environment. Circular1 Health is continuously seeking ways of limiting its environmental impact through sustainable operations, including recycling of medical waste products and the use of renewable power. Current innovations include minimising plastics and clinical waste. The company is constantly researching and seeking ways of reducing any environmental impact of its activity, in parallel with the research and innovation it puts into medical and health-focused solutions.


Rapid response and urgent innovation are vital to defeating a never-before experienced pandemic and global crisis, and the longer term consequences of it. Circular1 Health has been born out of the COVID-19 crisis, with experts in their field rapidly responding to the need for solutions that enable continued operations, while keeping workforces safe and healthy. Its constant focus on innovation and innovative solutions resulted in the unique ‘in-series’ algorithms and our broad portfolio of services. Hence the launch of Me & My Health.

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To Apply for a position at the Circular1 Academy please send an email with your CV and a description of why you should be considered for one of our paid positions: please ensure your email Subject line starts with ACADEMY.
Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.
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