Arriving in the UK, Travel Tests

Departing the UK

Please find a selection of travel tests for arriving into the UK according to your vaccination status.

Day 2 Rapid Antigen LFT Circular1

Fully Vaccinated Day2 LFT


Day 2 PCR Circular1

Fully Vaccinated Day2 PCR


Pre-departure Rapid Antigen LFDLFT test

Pre-departure Rapid Antigen LFD/LFT test


Day 2&8 PCR Circular1

Non-Vaccinated Day2&8 PCR


Day 5 PCR Circular1

Non-Vaccinated Day5 PCR Test-to-Release


Day 2, 5 & 8 PCR Circular1

Non-Vaccinated Day2, 5, 8 bundle PCR Tests