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Biosecurity Entry Systems

Circular1 Health hand sanitising entry system is designed to keep workplace areas safe. This anti-virus system succeeds in dramatically reducing infection risk.


Circular1 Health

As a health and medical solutions provider we deliver many sectors with unique, innovative products across a range of disciplines. Based in the UK, covering the EU we are committed to improving patient and staff safety, whilst raising awareness of new patented products with the aim of improving health and wellbeing.

Free standing unit

Office / ward access

Horticulture installation

Turnstile adoption

BioSecurity Hand Sanitising / Sanitizing Entry System

Providing your workplace with a solution that lets people enter if their hands are quickly and thoroughly sanitised, instantly cutting the risk of infection.

After the user has sanitised their hands, an electrical signal triggers a door catch, turnstile or even an alarm. It’s effective (no sanitising, no entry) and economical, efficient (can process up to 30 people a minute).

Giving employees, customers and site users the much needed confidence when entering your premises. Our units can also be used as a standalone hand sanitizing station.

Press Article

Innovative bio-security to combat COVID-19 spread

This article was kindly provided by: “IN-CUMBRIA“, click the link to read the full article, published 01/05/20, written by Nicole Regan.

Interview and Case Study / Feedback from Warwick Mill Business Village

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