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Recovery Certificate for Travel

Have you tested positive for COVID in the last 6 months and wish to travel?


If you have recovered, you can get a COVID Recovery Certificate.

Our UK doctors will assess you for a certificate of recovery from COVID-19.

WAS £59.99 now £49.99 (Limited time offer)

Customers can purchase on behalf of family members – we only ask for personal data at the time of testing.

  • EASY: 5-minute online form, no appointment necessary
  • FAST: Receive your COVID Recovery Certificate in as little as 2 hours*
  • TRUSTED: UK General Medical Council Registered Doctor signed certificates
  • FAIR: Money Back Guarantee if our service doesn’t fit your needs – see conditions**
  • Note that certificate will be issued between 8am-8pm (last submission 6pm) 7 days a week.
COVID Recovery Travel Certificate

How to get a UK COVID Recovery Certificate for Travel

Apply online in 5 minutes to get your COVID Recovery Certificate UK for travel.

No booking required – start now and get your Certificate within 2 hours.

Upload proof of a positive test

We’ll need a test certificate or NHS notification with your name and date of birth. We cannot accept photos of test kits or cassettes.

Complete a 5-minute form

Undertake your assessment of recovery via our simple, online form. No appointment needed.

Receive your certificate with QR code included

A Circular 1 Health UK doctor will review your form, and if appropriate, issue your COVID Recovery Certificate by email.

Require to do

What you’ll need

The date of your positive COVID-19 Test PDF, screenshot or photo of your positive test result Passport Number (optional).

NHS Evidence can include the NHS App Notification, Email or Phone / SMS confirmation of a Positive Lateral Flow or PCR Result.


Anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months. Any age over 5 (Parent/Guardian must complete for U18’s) Any vaccination status (check destination criteria)


Certificate within 2 hours of appropriate evidence submission. Accepted for entry by many countries (check requirements for your destination before purchasing). Certificates signed by General Medical Council registered doctors.

COVID-19 Recovery Travel Certificate

WAS £59.99 now £49.99 (Limited time offer)

Customers can purchase on behalf of family members – we only ask for personal data at the time of testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a COVID Recovery Cetificate?

A Covid Recovery Certificate states that you have had COVID-19, and have recovered, so are thought to have natural immunity from re-infection.

What is the difference between COVID Certificates and Letters?

A Proof of COVID Recovery, COVID Recovery Letter, COVID Recovery Certificate, Documentation of Recovery and Proof of Natural Immunity are different terms for the same type of certificate. They show that you have had COVID previously but are unlikely to have it currently, and so are likely to be protected from Coronavirus by naturally occurring antibodies.

How does a COVID Recovery Certificate work?

To get a certificate, you will need to be able to show proof of a positive COVID-19 test and demonstrate that you have recovered from the virus. You will need to upload a photo, PDF or screenshot of your positive COVID-19 certificate (or NHS notification). This may also need to be shown before you travel, so please ensure you check the requirements for your destination before you travel. If you have submitted the required documentation to us, we will be able to issue you with the certificate within your chosen delivery time (2-12 working hours).

What can a COVID Recovery Certificate be used for?

You can use the Certificate in any situation that requires you to show proof that you have recently recovered from COVID (therefore pose no risk to others). Some of the most common uses are for travel, attending large events and returning to work.

How do I prove I no longer have COVID?

It is widely accepted that after having Covid-19 for 10 days, you’re likely to have recovered and no longer be infected. As long as you have had no symptoms for 48 hours. If you find that you’re still unwell, then it’s likely that you have not yet recovered.

How long is a COVID Recovery Certificate valid for?

Your COVID Recovery Certificate can be used again and again, and is valid as long as your immunity (which is defined by each country, some say 30 days, others say 180). These validity periods may change so we recommend that you check this before you travel or complete your assessment.

In the UK self-isolation is no longer required by law, does this mean I can use my certificate even when I have symptoms?

No, you must have had your test 10 or more days ago and have been symptom-free for 48 hours. As a responsible healthcare provider, Circular 1 Health’s primary concern is your health, so we may apply stricter guidelines. Additionally, as most of our Covid Recovery Certificates are used for international travel, we need to take into account international norms. When using your certificate you’ll need to ensure you are following the guidance of the country that you are in and the country you are travelling to. This approach can give you, and your destination country, the confidence that our certificates meet the highest standards.

How many days after my test can I apply for a COVID Recovery certificate?

You can apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate after 10 days of getting an initial positive result if you have been symptom-free for 48 hours (the day of your test is day ZERO). 

What types of test is accepted to get the COVID Recovery certificate?

This will depend on your destination. Some countries will only accept PCR tests, others will accept any type that hasn’t been taken by the patient themselves. We cannot accept photos of test cassettes, your tests need to have been verified by a healthcare professional, for a valid certificate to be produced.

Can I still get a certificate if I have recovered from COVID but still test positive?

Yes. Tests after recovery following infection with COVID-19 can be positive for months. If you have recovered and are still testing positive for Coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, a medical evaluation can assess if you have recovered and are no longer at risk of infecting others.

Who can get a COVID Recovery certificate in the UK?

Anyone (aged 5+, in the UK) who has evidence of a COVID-19 test result between 10 and 180 days, and has recovered, is likely to be eligible. But each case will be assessed by a doctor who will be bound by their professional standards to only produce the certificate if they think it is safe and correct to do so. Note that in many countries, the certificate is only valid for 90 days following the positive test, in some, it’s only 30 days, so please check with your destination before you purchase the certificate.

Can children get a COVID Recovery certificate?

Yes, we can issue certificates to anyone aged 5 and over.

How can I send my evidence to you?

PDFs and images can be uploaded at the end of the application form. Images of NHS test results can be uploaded too, but with the following requirements:

For all screenshots and screen captures:

  • The image must be of the entire screen, to show the toolbar (which usually includes the time) at the top of the page
  • For screenshots of websites, this must include the website address
  • For screenshots of apps, this must include everything on the screen at that time
  • For screenshots of text messages, this must include everything on the screen at that time, including the name/number of the sender
What types of certificates/evidence of infection are accepted?

Any test (excluding Antibody tests) from a laboratory with your name and the test date is accepted. This can be a PDF from a private laboratory or a screenshot (or photo) of an NHS test result notification with your name and test result clearly stated.

Can I use my "at-home" COVID Test as evidence/proof of my infection?

No, we will need to see evidence of a test result from a laboratory. We cannot accept photos of test kits or test cassettes.

What do I do if my evidence is rejected?

We will not be able to accept evidence if we suspect there to be issues regarding the validity of the evidence. Where there are signs of tampering of certificates and evidence, customers will not be able to resubmit future requests.

Can you alter the details of the certificate?

If you have any specific requests, please add this to the free text field at the end of the form. If we can make the changes for you, we will, although there will be a charge for this.

How will I receive my COVID Recovery certificate?

Your certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF, within your chosen delivery timeframe (Express – 2 hours, Standard – 12 hours). This is during working hours, 9am to 6pm GMT.

Are QR Codes included on my certificate?

Yes, QR codes are included on all certificates. This code will contain your patient details and confirmation that your certificate has been validated.

Can you post a copy of my certificate to me?

We don’t normally do this as it’s not typically necessary. Please contact us if you would like this to be done for an extra charge.

**When can I request a refund for my COVID Recovery certificate?

Our certificates are written to adhere to the baseline international standards. If your test certificate or the information you provide do not meet those standards, we will not be able to provide you with a certificate and we will give you a full refund. We will also give you your money back if your airline or the authorities of a country you are travelling to refuse your certificate, despite you meeting their entry criteria, but we will need proof of this refusal.

We cannot give you your money back if you have not reviewed the guidance of the airline travelling with, or the country you’re travelling to, and your certificate is refused because of this. This is why we strongly recommend that you check the guidance before purchasing a certificate.

Can I use my COVID Recovery certificate for travel?

Yes, this is the most common use of the COVID Recovery certificate. Please ensure you check the requirements of your airline and destination country before purchasing.

Can I enter the UK with a COVID Recovery certificate?

You can find up-to-date information about entering the UK and Covid Recovery Certificates on the government website.

Where can I use my COVID Recovery certificate for travel?

Many countries now accept Covid Recovery Certificates, including the USA, Australia, some member countries of the EU and many more. 

You can find up-to-date information about Covid Recovery Certificates on the UK government website.

Can I travel to the USA with my COVID Recovery certificate for travel?

We produce certificates that are accepted for travel to the USA according to the CDC, however, we strongly advise all travellers to check the US Government website before purchasing. As of 8 March 2022, proof of immunity (COVID Recovery Certificates) was considered valid in the US for 90 days. Further information can be found here.

Can I travel to Spain, Germany, France Greece, Cyprus, Italy the Netherlands or other countries in the EU with a COVID Recovery certificate?

We aim to produce certificates that are accepted for travel to the EU, however, we strongly advise all travellers to check the EU travel guidelines before purchasing. As of 8 March 2022, Covid Recovery Certificates were valid (but with some variation in validity of duration, varying between 90 and 180 days). Lateral flow tests are now accepted. Please note that not all EU countries have the same entry rules. Further information can be found here.

Can I travel to Australia with a COVID Recovery certificate?

Yes. But we strongly recommend all travellers check the requirements of all airlines and countries and add any additional information required when they complete the assessment form. If you check the “Australia” box we will ask you all the relevant Australia questions as of 8 March 2022. Additional information can be found here.

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