Employee Health Services

Our employee and workforce health services are all delivered and managed from our Circular 1 organisation:  Me & My Health

Complete Health Check

A full health assessment with after care, keeping the workforce one step ahead of illness, intolerances, mental and musculoskeletal.

Drugs & Alcohol Testing

Supporting the critical industries, we are well versed in the best approach and kits to use – workplace screening or individual.

Fatigue Testing

Designed to discover clues in your blood, including vitamin D, inflammation, iron levels including ferritin and thyroid function tests.

Respiratory Assessment

As a COVID-19 sufferer your suscepibilty to Flu and Asthma could be much greater, be assured and prepared. 

Other tests we deliver through Me & My Health

DNA & Epigenetics

Allowing you to make informed choices for diet and lifestyle to improve health and well-being. This test uses genes to determine how to optimise health, unique to the individual.

Bowel Cancer Screening – FIT Test

Individuals can understand their susceptibility to some cancers, keeping one step ahead. This test uses antibodies that specifically recognise human haemoglobin.

Sexual Health & Family Planning

Get piece of mind without a visit to a GP. Our discreet service checks for the 6 most common STI’s undertaken in the comfort of your own home.

Me & My Health

For individuals passionate about staying one step ahead of their health. Good health is paramount to be there for your family and friends ensuring you’re in a good place to stay fit and active.

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