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Building Business Resilience

Circular1 Health has built its capability and service offering on the trust that the Energy and Defence sectors have placed in us.

We provide a fully customised, managed service to many energy and defence related businesses. These highly regulated, risk-averse companies have chosen the Circular1 Health service, due to our commitment to the highest levels of accuracy and standards of service delivery. We provide a multi-layered approach to testing for the protection of health, including an in-series approach to testing that includes multiple testing of the same swab, Quality Control processes and investment in the most current technology to offer employers with peace of mind.

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Circular1 Health is supporting one of the world’s largest Defence companies with their testing screening programme running since May 2020. 10,000 tests delivered each week through our laboratory nearby as well as courier and postal service for the rest of the UK sites including Scotland.

Included in their service:

  • 7 day routine testing (24 hour)
  • LAMP with confirmatory PCR and quality control
  • On site fast track for urgent testing
  • Priority testing for symptomatic close contacts for rapid contact tracing

Postal for remote staff (7 working days)

“The introduction of a COVID testing programme in our organisation was complex to be delivered at pace. Thanks to the support and expertise of Circular1, we were able to deliver quickly, giving our people extra security and confidence during a challenging time.”

Defence Group on our Covid Testing Programme

We are providing a large Defence Group organisation with a weekly testing programme for all their stakeholders across three of their sites in the UK, delivering our high accuracy LAMPWorX service. We also supported their Return To Work Programme very successfully. Stakeholders were able to return with confidence that they were Covid-safe and those who tested positive carried out the required isolation period which prevented infection from spreading in the workplace.

We have a weekly testing programme in place with a large Submarine manufacturer and the success of it has meant they can continue the projects and new build programmes they have in place.

Working in partnership with a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority site, Circular1 Health set-up a mobile SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic testing laboratory on their site to facilitate the symptomatic testing for the on-site workforce. Operating from late May 2020.

We conduct testing for a Nuclear industry client that operates enrichment plants, which enable nuclear power stations around the world to generate electricity. We delivered their testing for all their staff since August 2020 using LAMPWorX, and have supported their testing for their overseas staff. We have supported their remote staff and visitors with our testing via our pre-paid postal kits. Without our testing, they would have not been able to keep the plant operational.

Circular1 Health is supporting a large energy sector client with two of our mobile laboratories, one of which is situated at their sites in Scotland, with a second based in England screening their entire workforce at 8 nuclear power generation and renewable energy sites. All employees are regularly tested with our screening programme which enables them to remain open and continue providing homes in the UK with electricity. We have provided this client with a Proprietary app to streamline and simplify their testing process and result receipt, and permit workforces onto sites with a rapid turnaround.

We are also supporting Nuclear inspectors who need to visit all the Nuclear sites across the UK with testing via postal kits.


In the first instance please contact:

or phone: 0800 7999 751  (Monday to Friday 6am to 10pm, Weekends 8am – 8pm)

International callers please dial: +44 (0) 1556 510 576