Health & Business Resilience

You look after your business, we look after your employees

The work at Circular 1 is rooted in business continuity and has been keeping critical industry going.

Circular1 Health established emergency response Covid testing systems enabling nuclear and defence companies to continue operating. Our approach to designing bespoke solutions and turning them around quickly resulted in long term client relationships on workforce health.​

  Enabling nationally important sites to keep operating safely​

  Reducing business interruption and absenteeism​

  Developing proprietary solutions

  Focusing on accuracy and risk-management​

  Over a million tests delivered in the biggest defence sector testing programme​

  Providing the first nuclear sector on-site programme​

  Screening programme improving workforce productivity.

Dedicated Nurse Case Manager to help employees navigate through the maze of services available to them:​

  Work with the NHS and other providers to find the most appropriate solution​

  Understand the wide range of treatments and where they are available​

  Expedite appointments as much as possible​

  Access to a wider network of relevant agencies and services on welfare, social and financial support​ ​


Complete person-centred service:​

  Holistic assessment developed in collaboration with person​

  Understanding of condition and treatment​

  Scheduled calls throughout intervention​

  Liaison with employer to facilitate return to work​

  Ongoing support for the person as they return to work, and whilst at work​

  Coaching to support access to range of support services​

  Enable confident self management going forward

5-7% average cost of absenteeism to payroll per annum

Salubrium (2015-2021)


average cost per employee, per year for absenteeism​ (CIPD, Absence Management Survey​ 2021)

3.2 Days

lost per year, per employee due to mental health issues on average​ (Westfield Health​ 2020)

4.4 Days

lost per year, per employee due to sickness or injury on average (Centre of Economic & Business research​ 2021)

38 Days

lost per year, per employee due to presenteeism (Financial Times 2022)

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