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Circular1 Health provides testing to enable business continuity and promote improved health for individuals.  We provide a fully managed service, partnering with employers to build a customised solution that meets your needs.

Circular1 Health is an approved laboratory testing service, listed on the UK Government Department of Health and Social Care website.

Circular1 Health recommends a testing approach to businesses, which is flexible and responsive, and proportionate to the risk profile.

Our recommended approach is to design a service that flexes between our different testing services, according to the circumstances, depending on:

  • Specific requirements for staff and associated risk profiles
  • Moving from pandemic control to business resilience planning
  • Value for money, moving from cost per test to weekly screening

We provide:

Whole Workforce Proactive Health Programme

By providing your whole workforce with proactive health tests, they get to be one step ahead of any and all health concerns. Increase productivity by showing you care.

Health & Business Resilience

Circular1 Health established emergency response Covid testing systems enabling nuclear and defence companies to continue operating, this approach to designing bespoke solutions and turning them around quickly resulted in long term client relationships for workforce health.​

Proactive Health Partnership

As a disruptor in our field, used to legislation in restricted environments, in cutting edge scientific research & development, in delivering to tight, heavily controlled and monitored deadlines, we want work with you to establish the best solution for your workforce.

Read about or buy the tests we provide:

Our amazing UK Based Health Advisors work 7 days a week to field any questions you may have, if they don’t know the answer they’ll be sure to find you one of our team that can.

Please be mindful, we work with the NHS, our approach is to take the pressure off, not to replace.

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