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Testing Services

Circular1 Health provides testing to enable business continuity and promote improved health for individuals.  We provide a fully managed service, partnering with employers to build a customised solution that meets their needs. We also offer testing kits direct.

Circular1 Health is an approved laboratory travel testing service, listed on the UK Government Department of Health and Social Care website.

Circular1 Health recommends a testing approach to businesses, which is flexible and responsive, and proportionate to the risk profile.

Our recommended approach is to design a service that flexes between our different testing services, according to the circumstances, depending on:

  • Prevalence & risk associated with season and local outbreaks
  • Specific requirements for staff and associated risk profiles
  • Moving from pandemic control to business resilience planning
  • Value for money, moving from cost per test to weekly screening

Our main business resilience testing services include:


LampWorX is a Circular1 Health ultra-high integrity testing process that offers the utmost certainty of accurate results, with 100% sensitivity and 99.995% specificity, and has allowed mission critical workforces including Sellafield Ltd, BAE Systems, EDF Energy, to continue to operate.

Circular1 Health developed and implemented a unique SARS-CoV-2 testing algorithm that uses two different viral genome detection methods (LAMP and CE-marked PCR) operating in series; designed to offer rapid testing with a very high sensitivity and crucially a reduction in the false positive rate to a level below 1 in 20,000 tests conducted. We always conduct a Quality Control process to verify accuracy of results, and now provide sequencing of a number of positives, to identify any possible new variants.


ProteinWorX is our low prevalence virus protein antigen test, supported in the laboratory by PCR confirmation and internal Quality Control to provide the highest possible accuracy (lowest false positive rate in the industry) – developed for low incidence/prevalence situations.

ProteinWorX is based on viral antigen testing designed to be available as a complement to the existing LampWorX genomic testing service. This lab-based, lateral flow equivalent ensures enhanced accuracy as part of our recommend in-series approach, where is it followed by confirmatory LAMP/PCR, a Quality Control process to verify accuracy of results, and sequencing of a number of positives, to identify any possible new variants.


SARS-CoV-2 is made up a genetic code; the letters that make up that genetic code tell us how a virus changes over time.

We can determine from the positive samples we identify, which variants they are, and identify any new variants as they arise.

Sequencing results are reported to the UK-wide system to detect the new variants, and allow our clients to know if they have new variants from their positive results. This also determines our vaccine strategy to ensure it is not compromised and remains effective.


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