Circular1 Health COVID-19 Testing Laboratories

Increasing the speed and sensitivity using the most effective testing method for COVID-19.


Testing Laboratory Service For SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19

Alongside the rapid LAMP (loop-mediated isothermal amplification) or Protein Antigen based technology, we incorporate PCR testing to act as a reference assay for positives.

This ensures our testing provides the highest possible levels of specificity and a sensitivity. The CE-marked PCR test kit we employ is approved by MHRA and is used by Public Health England and the NHS.

The LAMP, Protein Antigen, and PCR testing technology is installed in the Circular 1 Health testing laboratories in Guildford, Cambridge, Barrow-in-Furness and Manchester as well as in our mobile laboratories around the UK. This allows us the opportunity to offer a suite of proprietary testing solutions in a custom-designed laboratory.

Our onsite (mobile) Laboratories are able to provide a “Fast-Track” service with rapid turnaround times for results.

Example of one of our mobile laboratory units

In place from a 4-week order, fully operational in 48hours.


Circular1 Health

With more than thirty years of experience in addressing unmet needs in diagnostic markets, our team specialises in the extraction and detection of intact pathogens and pathogen nucleic acids from the widest range of samples. In the field of RNA virus testing members of our team have been involved in long running programmes to develop rapid tests in collaboration with UK hospitals.


In the first instance please contact:

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0800 7999 751 (Monday to Friday 6am to 10pm, Weekends 8am – 10pm)

international callers: +44 (0) 1556 510 576

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