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How do I swab and return my test?
  1. Wash or sanitise your hands before starting the procedure
  2. Remove the sterile swab from its sheath, twist slightly to break the seal
  3. Guide the swab into one of your nostrils, until you meet slight resistance, rotate the swab fully 5 times in each nostril.
  4. Put the swab back in its sheath and write your full name on the collection tube.
  5. Or attend one our on-site Health Hubs
How to send my test - Return my test
  • Before you seal the provided plastic bag, for your records, note down or take a photo of your swab barcode and Royal Mail Tracking number
  • Seal the collection tube in the plastic bag provided
  • Pack the plastic bag in the prepaid Royal Mailbox
Registration - your test must be registered
  • Before returning any sample to us, please ensure you have registered your swab on our portal. If you need assistance, please call 0800 7999 751 or email  International callers, phone: +441556510576
  • Log into the portal or scan the QR code form the instruction leaflet
  • Select type of test you want to submit
  • Fill the online form with all of your personal information, please include the barcode form the collection tube.
Sent the swab without Registering on the Portal?
  • We must be able to match a swab to a reference number or a name.
  • Please contact our Customer Service for further investigation.
  • If you have any information that might help to find your swab such as a photo of the barcode, a name on the tube or any details we might find useful please let us know
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