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Circular1 Health, in collaboration with partnering clients, has developed a resilience programme for industry, based on our highly successful COVID-19 response programme.

The existing programme has protected workforces and kept them operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and government enforced lockdowns, mitigating business interruption.

This proactive programme addresses health issues that have been exacerbated by COVID and Long COVID. It also seeks to specifically target and mitigate from Long Term Sickness concerns.

Aims of the programme:

1.      To move from an industry’s emergency response to the pandemic to a ‘Business As Usual’ improved health profile for your workforce and community

2.      To establish a proactive health programme to address the wider physical and mental health impacts of the pandemic

3.      To provide early diagnosis and intervention for all staff

4.      To create a model that mitigates from the impacts on industry of absenteeism and improve productivity


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