Proactive Health Partnerships

We succeed because we work in partnership with you

Why Me & My Health powered by Circular 1?

Circular1 Health established emergency response COVID testing systems enabling nuclear and defence companies to continue operating.

Our approach to designing bespoke solutions and turning them around quickly resulted in long term client relationships on workforce health.​

While Circular 1 was focused on COVID, we have been developing a proactive workforce health programme which we named Me & My Health. Jointly we have:

  Enabled nationally important sites to keep operating safely​

  Reduced business interruption and absenteeism​

  Developed proprietary solutions ​

  Focused on accuracy and risk-management​

  Over a million tests delivered in the biggest defence sector testing programme​

  Providing the first nuclear sector on-site programme​

  Screening programme improving workforce productivity

Active Partnerships for Changemakers

As a disruptor in our field, used to legislation in restricted environments, in security/data management, in cutting edge scientific research & development, in delivering to tight, heavily controlled and monitored deadlines – we are well placed to support you.

Circular 1 has become very adept at working in environments that require agile thinking and approaches in order to meet and exceed bespoke programme needs.

Whether working with our Executive Leadership Team, Case Managers or our UK based Health Advisors you will discover that our enthusiasm for the work we deliver comes from making sure our customer comes first.

Client Executives visit a Circular 1 mobile laboratory 2021

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