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Business Resilience

Circular1 Health has, since its inception, been working with mission critical industries such as energy, defence and nuclear, enabling business continuity and resilience. We customise our service based on the risk profile of the particular situation, season, location and prevalence of infection. We pride ourselves in being the managed service partner of large corporate businesses, where our screening services ensure thousands of workers can return to work on a daily basis.

Our testing services include:

  • Swab kits
  • Regular Testing (LampWorX or ProteinWorX, dependent on incidence and other risk factors)
  • Sequencing for all positives up to a threshold of 1% prevalence rate, thereafter all samples <Ct 30
  • Antibody screening
  • App and portal for data management and reporting
  • Accurate and reliable tests and results
  • Daily and weekly reports to our clients
  • PHE reporting
  • Fixed labs, on site mobile lab or embedded labs depending on capacity and turnaround timeframes
  • 7-day Customer Service Team on hand to assist stakeholders.

Health and Wellbeing

We are providing laboratory based testing services for General Practitioners, other medical professionals, medical organisations and pharmacies. These testing services will vary depending on the requirements of the business and their customers. They will range from:



PCR only (see travel testing section)


Antibody testing


In the first instance please contact:

or phone: 0800 7999 751 (7 days 8am to 8pm)