Join us at this exciting time – a new area of business for an established organisation that is grasping the opportunity to play a key role in helping employees safely return to work in the age of COVID-19. We recognise the essential need to build confidence in the workplace, maintain critical teams and enable organisations to implement measures ranging from infection control to health and well-being.

Grasp this chance to join our team and make a difference on this unique path on which we now all find ourselves. Rooted in novel testing technology developed by our team, we will value your scientific skill and provide opportunities for you to grow and develop with a wide range of activity including research and development, business management, sales and marketing and operations. Be part of our service delivery team, bringing localised testing solutions to our clients, providing fast result turnaround using validated and trust technology.

Our Values

People First

Safety and Quality




Our values speak to the elements that bind and focus our activity. Entrusted with the delivery of potentially life changing information our values are human and people first. Safety and quality, highlight the importance of the data we manage, the trust we are given, the work we undertake and the environment in which it is carried out. Responsive is the nature in which we work and rapidly deploy our services and solutions. And importantly sustainable, the word and its meaning the entire business aspires to circle around.


Head Office/Location Choice

Laboratory Learning Coordinator

Quality Officer (Experienced or Trainee)

HR Administrator


Laboratory Manager

Research and Development Assistant


Laboratory Assistants


No Vacancies at present


No Vacancies at present


No Vacancies at present

There could be a role for you, not listed above

If you’re interested in working at Circular1 Health and don’t see a role here for you we would still like to hear from you.  Some of the qualities we typically look for include:

  • A Can-Do attitude and work ethic
  • Passionate about making a difference
  • A problem solver
  • Committed to self-development and the development of those around them
  • An ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Curious in nature
  • A team player and thrives in such an environment

Address your CV with a covering letter to HR@circular1.com, thank you for your interest.


Laboratory Assistants, Barrow


Logistics Manager, South

Administration Assistants, Guildford