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Working at Circular1 Health



Employee Feedback

Maisie Camm

Laboratory Assistant

I have gained so much experience as a Laboratory Assistant at Circular 1; working with a great team from a range of backgrounds helping to improve the efficacy of processes in the lab.

The lab experience I have gained is invaluable and has allowed me to build on existing knowledge learnt throughout my university degree.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Circular1, having the opportunity to help the national effort against this global pandemic, and I hope to continue working whilst continuing with my studies at Manchester.

Rebecca Sellars

Laboratory Assistant

I feel my time at Circular 1 Health has developed my team work skills; each day we are trying to make the process as efficient as possible where ideas and suggestions are encouraged. Even as a student I feel like I have been involved with ideas that have impacted the company as it has developed rapidly.

Everyday is unique as you get the opportunity to try out new techniques, for example I am now able to successfully run a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) which I have learnt about during my University studies. Everyone at the company is extremely friendly and the team is rapidly evolving, in particular the research and development sector has transformed immensely and lab assistants can now get involved, and can potentially contribute to future developments if they wish, which is a great opportunity for future scientists.

Colin Gilchrist

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Health business has had to scale dramatically to meet demand.  The challenge to steer the narrative of the business, to manage (and focus) the brand and tone of voice has certainly kept me on my toes.

The team are a phenomenal group of people, experts in their field and determined to do the best they can for our clients.  It has been amazing to witness the growth and development of people in the business to meet the constant demand and pressure we are all under.  It’s great to see that collectively we know the importance and impact our work has on individuals lives (and the businesses they work in), while still being able to occasionally step back and enjoy catching up (behind the screens).

Entrepreneur is an over used word, it does however encapsulate the dynamic typically found in the people that join our business. As a mentor and advisor to many entrepreneurial businesses over the last 15 years, I’m delighted that this one, a real disruptor, is making such positive steps in the environment in which we find ourselves.

Issy Frost

Laboratory Technician

 I have worked at Circular 1 Health for 4 months and feel privileged to be part of such a fast moving, rapidly evolving company.

I am part of a fantastic team from a range of backgrounds. As a laboratory technician I have been able to partake in extensive Research and Development directed by experienced supervisors. I feel valued knowing that my individual input has impacted many procedures and increased the efficiency of processes.